Gallipoli Campaign - ANZAC Day

Australia was a young nation and the courage and character shown by Australians at Gallipoli was quickly recognised and honored back home.

The Battle of Gallipoli, during WW1, resonated profoundly among all nations involved.

ANZAC Day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) is commemorated in Australia and New Zealand each year on April 25 (8,159 Australian soldiers and 2,721 New Zealand soldiers died at Gallipoli).

The battle is often considered to mark the birth of the national consciousness of each nation, replacing their former collectivised identity under the British Empire.

The background photograph on this page was taken by Peter Barnes at the National War Memorial  in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Australian war heroes song on the video below is timeless and honours the memory of those who have died in the service and defence of Australia in war. The marching theme of the song is especially powerful.

The song has been used for commemorative purposes across Australia by schools, churches, choirs, bands, councils, retirement homes, military services, RSL branches and ANZAC tributes at NRL & AFL matches. The video below has the instrumental music for the song.